A Distorted Story

A distorted version of one’s story is dependent upon their choice.

Sometimes we do not like the way of the story.
Sometimes we want control over the story.

Either way, there seems to be a disruption occurring to the story. There are three different versions of the story; yours, God’s, and the enemies.

We have the choice to unite our hearts, minds, and actions into God’s story, or we can listen to the lies of the enemy. But let me remind you that the enemy intends to disrupt and distort God’s story, just like he did to Eve at the beginning of the story (Gen 3).

We are no different than Eve, as she took the opportunity to rebel against God’s commands, and as a result, suffered the consequences for her sins. Sometimes as we read the Word of God, we tend to skip over the sinful ways of humanity. Their sinfulness is there to remind us that we are participants in distorting God’s story as well. BUT, God never left them, nor will He leave you or me.

There is good news for you and me, Jesus changed the story and inviting us back into a relationship with God (2 Corinthians 5:18).

Let the Holy Spirit illuminate the evil in your heart.

When you allow God in your life, he renewals your heart, soul, and mind, making way for a beaming light of hope for the world.

God is your strength and sustainment. He is your source for carrying on in the His restoration Story. God loves His creation and has given you His Spirit for empowerment, encouragement, redirecting, and comforting in His mission.

Do not be silent when the water is high.
Do not be silent when the room is empty.
Do not be silent when it appears dark.

The enemy can give a different version of the story. He came to retell his version to twist and distort to make you doubt God’s goodness. But, I say hold tight to God’s Word, His revelation, His Truth. Take refuge in Him alone, and let the Spirit comfort you.

Never let the enemy have the last word of Your story.

Your story is an illuminating light of Jesus Christ.

All of humanity has a part in God’s story, and our choices distort the story. So we must continuously seek God.

What choices will you make that will allow God to speak and reveal himself to you?

What places in God’s story do you not agree with?

If so, why does that part of your story NOT align into God’s story?

Losing Myself, to find Myself

We laugh now, but 20 years ago not so much. It was our first time canoeing 🛶 together, which ended in a big fight.

First, neither one of us knew how to communicate in a loving manner that comes from trust.

Second, both of us naturally wanted to lead. Additionally neither one of us knew anything about leading in a healthy and respectful way that would compliment each other’s abilities. Basically, we fought against each other in hopes to dominant and have position that we thought would give us respect from the other.

Third, at the time, neither one ☝️ of us knew that it would be a long and rough journey before we could truly understand the sacrifices it would take in a marriage.

Now, we laugh 😆 together in the car about how the both us just turned in circles for hours, before giving up. Also, note 📝 we were both 😡 at this point, which caused division. And, it even gave false perception about who we truly are as individuals and leaders, which effected our parental roles and kept us at odds for years.

Joe asked “ how have we grown from that day?” I said.

Looking back, and now knowing myself better, I would probably just grab a separate canoe 🛶.

Joe laughed 🤭 and replied , “ so what if there is just one canoe 🛶 and just the two of us, without the kids?”

I said. “Well, I think 🤔 we both have grown in trusting one another, which allows us to give one another freedom in letting the other lead when needed or wanted.”

There is so much to know about one ☝️ another, and it is definitely a priority that both parties in a relationship must grow in understanding their spouses, just as much as themselves.

Looking back now, I recognize that it was during these moments that we began to see what each of one us is capable of. We had to access and be honest in our understanding our own strengths and weaknesses, and realize it is a growth process.

Face 2 Face

Face to Face with Ourselves

The moment we come face to face with ourselves, we are brought into a parallel world; between the place of what we were and what we will become. A world filled with the most intimate thoughts of what we tells ourselves. 

In these moments or seasons we are faced with rejection from others; our friends, our spouses, our children, leaders, and even strangers. It is the battle field, and this face to face encounter with ourselves will determine the outcomes of our future. It takes hold of our entire being, forging (or forcing?) our minds to define the whispers we tell ourselves and directing our journey.

Personally, I have encountered and even told myself, “You’re too much for people”, “You over complicate things”, “I’m not sure what you mean (I feel stupid), no-one will understand you”,  “You’re not girlie enough”, and “You do not belong here”.


Face to Face with Rejection

I have felt rejected all my life, but honestly this rejection has allowed me to face myself, and to mirror what I see against God’s vision of me. Rejection is what has driven me towards questioning, “why we allow others to tell us who we are”, “how we should be treated”, and “why we exist”. Honestly, if we look to one another for approval, we will all be sorely disappointed.


The Bible says in Psalm 94:4-5 NIV,  “They pour out arrogant words; all the evildoers are full of boasting. They crush your people, LORD; they oppress your inheritance”.


Basically, we allow others to use their worldly perspective to determine who we are by what they think we should be or look like. This give us a broken, corrupted view of ourselves, especially if they are not viewing us through God’s lens.

If you ask me, this is where we allow limitations to stop us from growing. It only takes agreeing with one person’s personal view of us to shift our thoughts away from the direction God is driving us towards, which is Him and who He says we are.


Face to Face with God

Recently, I had a face to face with myself about the many times others rejected me. God met me in that moment and gave me the reassurance I needed. I heard His Words of Truth; it divided the lies of the enemy, and reminded me that we all fall short. As I regathered my thoughts it was clear that His Spirit led me towards a place of peace and encouragement. I allowed the Lord’s comfort to remind me that I belong to Him.

In that face to face moment God did not abandon me. Instead, He directed my thoughts to realign my existence and purpose towards the person He has chosen me to be. It was a moment that forever changed my perspective of rejection; from believing the lies the enemy says of me to the Truth that rejection can lead me straight to God’s Word about what He thinks of me.


God’s Word says in Psalm 118:22-23 NIV, “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes”.


So I asked myself, “Why would I allow these lies from the enemy to be used against me?”, and decided, “I will no longer let rejection from myself and others determine the truth of who I am! Every time rejection tries to define me I am going to let that drive me even more towards my true identity in Christ”.



We must see ourselves face to face through the lens of God before we can believe and speak into the identity of someone else. When we partner with the Lord rejection from others pushes us to see where we are CLAIMED BY GOD, which in turn allows us to view others from a place of love. We can then see through God’s lens who He says they are. The lie of rejection is defeated!