About Me

Hi, my name is Emma Martin. I have been a wife to a wondering man named Joe for 18 years. Joe is strong minded, intelligent, funny and a compassionate United States Veteran. We have 4 amazing strong and passionate children, two boys and two girls.


Being a wife and mother is the window God has used to reveal how to see the greatest possibilities in others. These opportunities have furthered my understanding in opening my eyes to see others talents/gifts in leadership. I believe each person was individually and uniquely made by God; designed to bring forth unity in creation that resembles His ultimate reconciliation that is to come.


My calling is to live a life firmly planted on God’s word, to be used as a soldier to go to battle for others. Jesus demonstrated this reflection when He gave his life on the cross. This type of intercession is the position that we must move into when others are weak, blinded and chained by the enemy. The decisions we make will always bring about choices for God to be seen, revealed, and must be revitalized to create a gospel culture. I made my choice to be a fighter for God, to seek out the Sword to rise in the choices that God allows me to take part in. God gives me sight to see the uniqueness of each person’s gifts/talents for unity within families, business and communities.

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