woman standing on grassy hill

An unceasing posture of one’s life found in Jesus

Rest without ceasing 

Rest in who you are, to grow towards what you’ll be.

Rest is not letting go of what you know is meant to be

Rest is gripping hold of the Truth God has spoken over you, in you and through you.

Rest is ceasing to exist for a world that is without direction

Rest is found.


Slow is living deliberately to our presence.

High pace lifestyles rob us of our presence.

The culture encourages that a high pace lifestyle brings fulfillment and joy, but it’s a lie.

Slow is what aligns us with our presence, which allows us to feel, think and connect.

To be in the presence of yourself, you must be slow.

Slow in time

Slow in space.

Slow to feel the weight of the world on us, to then release to God.

Slow to see the reality of your presence with God.

Slow to see the reality of others.

Slow means living deliberately to our presence, to connect within the present reality.

Slow means connectable.