Our Shadows

There is more to what a person is reflecting in the moment; until we begin to look away from the shadow others cast we will never know how God sees them

Today, I heard words that stirred my soul. God reminded me to make way, a place for others to come because of rejection. 

The Song Sparrows, by Cory Asbury, mentioned words that opened something up inside me, and it was in direct relation to our relationship and response to God. The song says the light is not thinking about the darkness or the shadow it casts. I wanted to know more about the relationship between light and dark. I pondered the idea of how the light lives in relation between God and man. Our identity is only found in Jesus not by what we reflect in the world. This means we have to look behind the surface-level reflections we all cast. There is more to what a person is reflecting on the surface level, and until we begin to look away from the shadow they cast; we never know how God sees them. 

There is indeed a dark side in the world, and within us, our flesh. It reflects from two sides, from the world (enemy) and from within us. Our efforts to try and stop or hide it reveals several things. First, we continue to focus on the darkness believing we have control over it, and behold the power to overcome it ourselves. Second, we often overlook our casted shadows leading us to believe we are the healer of the darkness within the world. Man cannot reconcile the dark found within ourselves or the world.

The world encourages a person to embrace their dark side as if it is good, but I argue that it should remain only as a reminder of our fallen nature (flesh). Not who we are, but what has or does separate us from God. We do not hold to a dark side as if it were a part of God’s plan because it was not. God does not simply look at our sinful nature (dark side) and embrace it, he actually interjected Himself, as the Creator into creation in order to re-create and reconcile all of creation.

Let’s redirect our focus away from the casted shadows found around us, and instead seek Jesus Christ.

I have said these to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. (John 16:33 )

 Today, I am reminded that because I have not searched God about a particular person shadows, it has misguided my persecetion of how I see them. I have not sought God about who they are to Him, which fosters a Godly perspecative between the relationship we have with God and others. I am not here to speak to those specific shadows of others, but am here to be vessel for God. As Christians, there is a need for us to refocus our hearts and minds on Him in order to create and foster that space for others to discover the love of God through our stories. Our story is a part of God’s plan, as is the rest of the world. 

Someone once looked beyond the darkness in me and the shadow I cast. I can only hope and pray that I continue to do the same for others. I pray that you dedicate your time to God, and wherever He asks you to go, and you go to meet a person where they are, as He did for You.

  • Take time to allow space where God can speak to you about where He is leading you.
  • Where do you tend to focus on gaining your perspective of others? Is it on what they reflect, which has led you to believe that others are just nothing more than the remnants of what darkness has done to them, or what they have done to others?
  • Image a time when God spoke to you about what you had reflected, and what His response was to you.

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