Calling for Change

Calling for Change
As leaders, it happens from time to time that we become more concerned with being right, losing sight of what leading really means.

This is how having an attitude of always waiting to right will look like in our leadership.

We lose every opportunity to have influence with an individual, a team, an organization and the community.

We forget to seek opportunities to hear and see from the perspective of others, but instead, we try to push our perspectives on others.

We miss opportunities for Truth to prevail, by believing we are the only ones who know the truth.

We compromise our own development, the ones we are working alongside, and any future leaders.

We become stuck in the moment and day to day situations

Transitioning your Influence

Start by creating an atmosphere of leaders around you that will point this out to you and are not afraid to speak Truth. Self-evaluate on a regular basis and ask yourself:

Am I hearing more of my own thoughts or others?

Do I feel stuck?

Are others asking me how to do things or asking for advice?

Am I growing?

Are others growing and challenging themselves and one another?

Is my area of influence growing or shrinking?

When we become to concerned with being right or getting our input out over others, we slowly slip into no longer teaching, developing or leading. As leaders, we should want to grow in leadership, but it is just as important to allow others to rise up in leading. One day, we will no longer be here nor have the chances to engage opportunities that present themselves to us. Take charge of your mind by putting others First.

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