Dear Friend

Dear friend,

I never thought I would ever be in a place that would be so enriched with beautiful, strong, caring and devoted women. It has been a very long and hard journey in realizing that there are many wonderful women in life surrounding me. I am blessed and encouraged by each friend who has played a part in helping me to seek out healthier relationships; which in turn has had a lasting effect on who I am to the world. We are set with particular characteristics and strengths and if it weren’t for these women, I would not have grown towards a better me.

One friend is magnified by her dark deep brown hair, and beautiful body. She has the biggest, loving, warm heart I have ever seen. She tends to her children as if she only has for one day. Her sacrificial love for her kids is a reflection that will always be marked on my heart to be a better mother. She is grateful for just one second with them.

One friend is always there to pump you up for the next adventure. She leans in and listens so intensively as if she will miss one word. Her heart feels deep for others. She is kind, patient and moves forward even when times get hard. She may never know the strength she holds within and how that encourages so many others to lift one another up, even when they weren’t shown that growing up.

One friend has a love for kids so deeply she will take on the world for them. She reflects beauty in being a mother through her tender words, touch and nurturing instincts. Her words are full of love and wisdom.  Her presence just wraps your heart so securely, you feel like you could stay in the presence for a lifetime. This womans warmth embraces All others into deep connection for real, genuine and lasting relationships.

One friend is dedicated in making sure others succeed at their passions. She is willing to turn herself inside out for others. She sees others around her slowly fading away and her heart burdens the weight of them all. She gives without reason to all those around her. She’s quiet, unique, faithful, dedicated, smart, and loyal. She has vision for women who are ready to live into their calling together within the world.

Each friend described above brings value, worth and strength to my life. Their energy and passions can either turn me away by the jealousy within my heart, that I can try to hold against them, or I can embrace each of them in my life. I choose to continue not to limit myself, and most importantly, I want to stand strong knowing that my mind set about others does not stop me in joining my friends in discovering their own beauty.

Take delight in others beauty, gifts, and talents. Let them shape you towards a better person by seeking to lift them above yourself.

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