I’m not looking to convince you of who you are or begin to try and tell you what your PURPOSE is. However, I am responsible with pointing others towards RISING into their purpose. All people are called to give the world their specific gifts and talents but few ever learn to discover their own to give. These gifts and talents PREVAIL against any challenges and are revealed through our circumstances when accompanied by God’s Holy Spirit.

My gifts and talents were being revealed to me as I entered my early twenties. My husband and I had 2 children and were pregnant with our third. There were MANY CHALLENGES we faced in our honeymoon phase. We were both young. I was 16 when he started his military career. I had a bad mouth and was far from knowing anything about how to LOVE, show RESPECT, or to POUR my GIFTS and talents into my children, friends, or even my husband. Clearly, I was not sure about what direction to go or how I was going to learn all these things that the WORLD thinks everyone should just know. I simply woke up one day and realized that I did not have many healthy relationships in my life. I was poison to anyone around me. This was my perspective, not just something someone told me.

What did I do about it? This is where my thinking started to take place as to what DIRECTION I was going to take. I knew that there were a few things I wanted in life. Good friends, a happy family and a loving committed husband. As far as how that happens, no clue.

Due to MY MIND SET on not letting go of how to get to a place where I can develop healthy relationships with others; I decided to REACH out to God. I simply just asked God to help me understand people and confessed that I had been the problem to all of my FAILING relationships with friends, my children, and my husband. Do not misunderstand me when I say “I had been the problem,” others to take part in this. I am just OWNING MY RESPONSIBILITIES in each relationship I encounter.

Alright, what do I mean when I say, “I asked God to help me.” I am sure everyone is wanting to know how. Well there was no quick fix to this topic. Why? Imagine the time you take to PREPARE for anything that you love to do. The hours, days, and years that you put in for developing this skill or the thing you love to do. That same amount of time you have taken to DEVELOP it is also about the same amount of time or longer we have been working against what God has intended for our lives. It takes time to PREPARE THE HEART, which is something that God is always saying.

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life.” God today still reminds me the distance I am from Him. It takes intentional diligence and Godly desire to seek out His purpose for you life.

Below are some steps to guide you in discovering your gifts / talents.

  1. Know where you are.
  2. Know where you’ve been.
  3. Know where you’re going.
  4. Know God

Be PATIENT with yourself allow God to search your heart daily and always be willing to REFLECT that to others, so they can come to find themselves in HIM.


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