The ultimate thing women are drawn to, whether we admit it or not, is a man who is: strong, protects and guards what he values. He knows who he is and does nothing but speak life into existence. He takes pride in his work, his family, and his wife. He places not only wise people around him, but also other men who look similar to the example to which he lives by.

Yeah, I am talking about Mr. Perfect. Is this reality or is it not? I believe it to be true. There is something to be said as to why we are drawn towards this image. I don’t know about you, but I will search until the end of my time, and I hope that my girls do as well. To understand what this means has always been something I wondered about.

Is it possible that this yearning is what God’s character resembles? I know our view of Him can be blurry if not almost impossible to understand. I do not seek this just for me, I seek this image for my girls, and others; in order to know what the true image is, that God wants us to see.

There are a great amount of stories in the Bible that show us examples of these characteristics or images of Godly reflections. In contrast, the world portrays fighting to reach this image as well. Take for example the Army theme “The Strong and The Proud.” Internally, we fight against our own minds on how to live in such a way that we are demonstrating something that is approved by another or by God. We are trying to reach something but are just unable to see the many reasons of “why” we are to live in this image.

I personally have spent too much time of my pre- and post marital life seeking after this so called Knight we have in mind. In this search, I have found that the distortion of what the enemy has projected to what we think this image should look like has now detoured us away from thinking that this image isn’t a reality at all.

If God is this image and we are made in His image, then we must fight and rise to be it. We can try and get there with the worldly version, which only reveals at times to please man or we can choose to discover this on our journey and relationship with Christ that lasts a lifetime.

Before setting your mind on what you believe to be the true image of man, reflect on God’s words and let Him show us who He is. God’s image will reveal his intentions of creation to include his people.

The many times I have told someone else what I thought they should look like, it not only made them think that I was better than them, but it prevented them from discovering God’s image within themselves. A relationship with God is designed for you to understand your responsibility in such a way that when others see us they know who God is. They aren’t looking to us to understand themselves more on what we think their image should look like. So I encourage you to do the following:

  1. Seek God for His image.
  2. Seek God for your image.
  3. Seek God for what image you are to see in others. (In this scope you will only see who they are to God, not who they aren’t)
  4. Seek to Speak God’s image into others lives

You are Strong in the Lord, you seek to protect over life’s creation in whatever circumstances you face. You seek to know God more, your patient, you make wise decisions, and you take pride in your image of God because you delight in the works of the Lord.



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  1. Wow! Thank you for being so open about this topic, Emma. We women do seem to have this image of Mr. Perfect drilled into our heads as young girls, so it’s good to see you standing for God’s image in revealing Himself to us, our image in Him, and what we should see of His image in others. I’ll definitely be sharing this with my daughter! Thanks again!

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