About Me

Hi, my name is Emma Martin. I have been a wife to a wondering man named Joe for 21 years. Joe is strong minded, intelligent, funny and a compassionate being. We have 4 amazing strong-willed and passionate children, two boys and two girls. Two children are currently serving active duty in US Army.

Emma Martin; Executive Director of Full Range Foundation, and President and CEO of Full Focus Coaching LLC.

Credentials: Emma Martin holds a BS in Religion, minor in Ministries and Ethics from Liberty University. She is currently in pursuit in earning her credentials for ICF and has completed CCE (Center for Coaching Excellence): Essential Coach Training Program that consisted of 64 coach-specific training hours in the Essential Coach Training Program, which included Essential Training, the Associate courses of Ethics and Risk Management for Coaches, and Advanced Coaching Skills.

Emma is the Executive of the Full Range Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides military members and their families with biblical counseling and coaching services. She is the President and CEO of Full Focus Coaching. FFC mission is to coach veterans and their families by crafted conversations, that guide them towards realigning them with their moral beliefs, values, and purpose, to create space and time for flexibility in setting attainable steps for reaching their goals during life’s transitions.
Personal Testimony: I have experienced the weight and implications of moral injury within our family and community. The effects of moral injury begin surfacing towards the later deployments, roughly 16+ years into my husband’s career. It was not until eight deployments later that we sought guidance from a counselor and began working on rebuilding our lives. From 2009 through 2018, I served at our local church as a Women’s Director and the Children & Youth Director. Each role led me to counsel, minister, and equip hundreds of military family members through 
difficult situations. And, at the same time, I finished up my BS in Religion with a minor in Ministries and Ethics at Liberty University. 
As of 2022, I am a mother to two children serving active duty in the Army. I am committed to collaborating with others who are serving the military community in an effort to ensure the generation has the resources and community alongside them.